Our Mission

Connecting underserved communities with individuals and organizations that seek to increase minority participation in rock climbing and the outdoor adventure industry. From athletes to industry leaders or film makers, we aim to make our industry a more inclusive environment.

Opportunities for Individuals

We help individuals participate in rock climbing and other adventure sports.

  • Become Leaders in the Industry

    BIPOC individuals can apply for grants to assist with getting advanced certifications (coaching, routesetting, AMGA guiding, …) to become industry leaders.

  • Advance in Competition Climbing

    Annual grants for BIPOC individuals to attend national/international climbing competitions.

  • Outdoor Adventures

    Bi-Annual grants for BIPOC individuals to cover some expenses for an outdoor adventure trip to push their limits.

  • Submit Proposals

    Individuals can submit proposals to elevate the presence and voices of BIPOC individuals across the industry.

Advancing DEI Initiatives

Facilitating partnerships and funding to increase DEI activities.

  • Funding DEI-organization Events and Activities

    DEI organizations can apply for funding for initiatives and events that benefit their communities.

  • Grant Awards

    Annual grant award for an organization making significant contributions towards increasing DEI in climbing or outdoor adventure.

  • Increasing Access

    Facilitating gym/organization partnerships with industry businessess to offer affordable BIPOC membership programs or to assist with fees associated with outdoor adventure programs.