Become a Partner

We are always eager to partner with businesses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. This mission will require cooperation at all levels across our industry. Here are some ways that businesses can contribute:

  • Company Titled Awards

    Establish company sponsored awards for individuals. Companies can donate and earmark the types/categories of grants that they want to offer. Our organization will receive the company donations and manage the application and award process. Company involvement with award allocation would be at their discretion.

  • Partner with gyms to offer discount passes for diversity programs

    Numerous gyms have programs that introduce disadvantaged individuals to climbing. These programs have monthly meet ups; however, additional assistance will be needed for these individuals to stay connected to the sport. Discount day passes and memberships will be required to help with ongoing participation. We propose working with gyms to offer 50% discounts for program participants, then partnering the gym with our sponsoring companies that can assist with covering the discounted fees.

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